The Wrath of the Four Horsemen

The Wrath of the Four Horsemen bookcover

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The Wrath of the Four Horsemen is Algie Kreake’s first novel, set against the backdrop of his struggle with cancer and chemotherapy.

A middle-aged father of two is devastated when he’s diagnosed with cancer for the second time and sent to London for a course of highly invasive chemotherapy. He decides to keep a journal as a record for his young daughters to read when they’re older, just in case…

But as the chemotherapy kills the cancer, it’s also poisoning him. His entire body disintegrates as the debilitating side effects of the treatment take effect. Never before has he endured such an assault on his senses, and his mind is forced inwards for help.

What starts out as a straightforward journal soon transforms into a journey; a race deep into every recess of the mind as he desperately tries to make sense of his own life and the modern-day world. It’s a journey like no other; fantasy and reality become woven together to create a story full of surprises, juicy characters and the indomitable Plastic Santa. Imagine The Matrix, Fast Show and Casualty blended together in a food mixer and seasoned with satire and black humour.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry – sometimes both at the same time – and frequently groan but you’ll be gripped as the story unfolds, culminating in an emotional crescendo before dropping you back into…sorry, can’t divulge that.

Originally The Wrath of the Four Horsemen was only intended to be read by his daughters once they’d grown up, but as that day is a long way off, Algie has decided to show it to the greater world in the hope of raising funds for male cancer charities and also help him write more books.

Due for release as an e-book at the end of 2013. Follow Algie on Twitter for updates.