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Algie’s first novel, The Wrath of the Four Horsemen, is an emotional black comedy. Fact and fiction become stapled together, wrapped in fantasy adventure, and smothered with a big dollop of humour and satire chilli sauce.

What starts out as a straightforward journal soon transforms into a journey; a race deep into every recess of the mind as Algie tries desperately to make sense of his own life and the modern-day world. It’s a journey where fantasy and reality become woven together to create a story full of surprises, juicy characters and the indomitable Plastic Santa.

Imagine The Matrix, The Fast Show and Casualty blended together in a food mixer with a big dollop of satire and black humour spooned in.

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Raising awareness and funds for male cancer charities

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After five years of stop-start-stop-start, my first novel The Wrath of the Four Horsemen is almost finished. I have completed all the chapters and am now plugging away at some rewrites before sending the whole lot off to be proofread.

How it began: a journal

I’d been diagnosed with testicular cancer for the second time as it had come back in the lungs. I was lounging on the bed waiting for the chemo to begin when I decided to write a journal for my young daughters to read when they were older – just in Read more

Testicular cancer charities

Read about some of the good work testicular cancer charities are doing in raising awareness and helping to save lives.

Algie Kreake

Algie Kreake is a father of two daughters, self-confessed slacker, proud dreamer, sporadic writer, relapsed testicular cancer survivor and head chef for a Yorkiepoo and a huge cat with a small head.

In 2014 I finished my first novel, a satirical black comedy, The Wrath of the Four Horsemen, about my struggle with cancer and chemo, interspersed with dollops of fantasy. I’m hoping to raise some funds for male cancer charities along the way.

Check out my day job as a freelance graphic designer at ULGA.